Bodhi Yoga Teacher Training Bali graduate has a Yoga debate with teacher [Watch video]

In July 2015 Bodhi Yoga Teacher Training Bali graduate Ryan Mannix returned to Melbourne to share what he had learnt during the course. He experienced the natural unfolding of his career as a confident and skilled Yoga teacher. He immediately got work teaching at some of the top Yoga studios in Melbourne. And very quickly his classes became so popular that he was offered prime spots on the timetable. He received rave feedback from students who attended his classes. And also had the owners of the studios applauding him for his great work.

All of this came from being a Bodhi Yoga Teacher Training Bali graduate and the experience that it gave him. Not only did it train him and qualify him to a high level as a Yoga teacher, but it also gave him a deep healing experience.


Watch this video to see this Bodhi Yoga Teacher Training Bali graduate share from the heart about his journey


Ryan’s healing journey as a Bodhi Yoga Teacher Training Bali graduate is a common experience for people who join this course. It is a program that is designed to connect you with your heart. It gives you the experience of your own connection to your body and your heart, which is the foundation of all healing.

Healing is all about letting go. And we do that by being be present in our bodies here and now. In the Bodhi Yoga Teacher Training course we learn to do that as we practice the Yoga postures and when we teach Yoga to others. In that way it becomes a shared healing experience.

This program is designed so that each student could dive deep into their Yoga practice. Students learn to access their own healing power. Your own healing power lies within you. Knowing that is incredibly empowering and freeing. If you have the skills and the confidence to heal yourself and help heal others then your capacity for growth and sharing is without limits!

Bodhi Yoga Teacher Training Bali graduate
Bodhi Yoga Teacher Training Bali graduate Ryan Mannix and other students on an Ubud rice field walk during the course

In this fun little video Ryan talks one on one with his teacher about the mind and Yoga.

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