Yoga Teacher Training zinc deficiency

I suggest when you join any course where you are going to be physically active like a Yoga teacher training zinc deficiency is something you want to avoid. That is why when I speak to students asking about which supplements to take with them to the Bodhi Yoga Teacher Training course, one of the answers is Zinc.

Yoga Teacher Training zinc deficiency

At any good Yoga Teacher Training course you will be using your body in creative and playful ways. You will be moving and stretching in ways that can be fun and challenging. That doesn’t mean that you have to be an advanced practitioner to attend, but it does mean you will work hard and progress a lot.

If you want to be at a better level of vitality for this Yoga teacher training journey, there is a simple piece of advice. I recommend taking a zinc supplement starting a couple of weeks before the course commences and continue during the course. It will help you feel energised and healthier. When you need to get up early to practice in the morning you will have a bit more get up and go.

Besides there are many benefits to zinc supplementation. Some of these are a higher ability to focus and concentrate. That is a very important thing when you are listening to your Yoga teacher throughout the day learning the techniques and practicing teaching them.

Zinc is also very important for digestion. You want to make sure your digestive function is working optimally because you want to enjoy the delicious foods. Meal times during the Yoga Teacher Training should be a pleasant experience sharing with the group.

Furthermore zinc is essential for the immune system. If you want to have be well throughout the Yoga Teacher Training deficiency should be avoided. There are many other benefits to zinc too, such as radiant healthy beautiful skin.

Here in this photo is one of my previous Bodhi Yoga Teacher Training graduates Kimiko during an afternoon Yoga posture clinic. This is a class where we break down specific postures and their adjustments. After students have learnt all the details from my guidance they break up in groups to practice teaching with each other. The posture in this photo is an advanced one. It is called set bandhasana. There are some easier modifications for those who cannot get into the fullest expression of the pose.

Yoga teacher training zinc deficiency
Yoga teacher training zinc deficiency

Remember to come to the course without any unnecessary nutritional deficiencies. Take your zinc regularly.

Here is a video about 4 signs that you are not getting enough zinc.

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