Bodhi Yoga Teacher Training Bali Approachability

At the Bodhi Yoga Teacher Training Bali approachability is a key aspect of my philosophy as a teacher. Both during the course and after the course, I want students to feel they can ask for my help. I am always willing to talk one on one with my students. Even after the course is over they can contact me for advice. This is really important for me because I want to create amazing Yoga teachers, but also create a community for those amazing Yoga teachers to be supported, and for them to support and inspire each other.

Bodhi Yoga Teacher Training Bali Approachability

Bodhi Yoga Teacher Training Bali Approachability
Bodhi Yoga Teacher Training Bali Approachability

During the Bodhi Yoga Teacher Training Bali approachability is a fundamental way that I work. Because I find it is more fun and creative when students can ask questions. When good questions come up it is fun to take some time to explore that particular topic more deeply. That is challenging for me. I find to be able to respond to these quality questions requires me to really have to be on point. I need to really showing up 100% if I am going to take a moment to detour into a subject that a student brings up. It tests my ability to flow with the students in the moment. I love that kind of challenge because it makes me grow.

Although there are specific outcomes and clear structure to the Bodhi Yoga Teacher Training BaliĀ curriculum, I don’t want to just recite each unit so that it is delivered mechanically. It is an interaction that occurs naturally. That is why I say that in the Bodhi Yoga Teacher Training Bali approachability is an ingredient that I value. I creates better Yoga teachers because the students during the course are learning not only the content of what I am teaching them, but also HOW I teach it.

Bodhi Yoga Teacher Training Bali Approachability
Bodhi Yoga Teacher Training Bali Approachability

After the Bodhi Yoga Teacher Training Bali Approachability is still key

All of the Bodhi Yoga Teacher Training Bali graduates get to join the Facebook group. And we key in touch through that and in person. I want this community to thrive and grow so I take the time to nourish it with regular love and support. I do this by using it as a portal to answer specific questions or share valuable Yoga or healing related insights and information.

For example yesterday a couple of students messaged me separately messaged me different questions. One student who graduated from the Yin Yoga Teacher Training if I could take a look at a new sequence she had written for Autumn. She wanted my advice and suggestions on it. I was happy to reply and tell her it was great but she could also make a couple of changes, and I put forward some ideas to help.

The second student wanted my advice on becoming vegetarian. Everyone who knows me is sure to tell you I am really down to earth and open when it comes to food. I simply encourage people to develop an intimate relationship with their bodies and listen to what their individual body needs. I never insist anyone follow any strict rules. That is dogma. So when students ask me for nutritional advice I always share from my personal experience and from the research I have done over many years.

So I created a video to share some of the answers to these two students questions. That way other people could enjoy the benefits of these good questions. Here is the video. I hope you also find it helpful.

“What supplements should I be taking?”

I recommend three supplements:
1. Magnesium,
2. Zinc
3. High quality Vitamin B complex.

“What is right pre and post workout?”

After exercise you MUST eat. Don’t starve yourself! After intense exercise you need to eat. And the best thing to eat after exercise is whole food carbohydrates. Good examples of whole food carbohydrates is things like dates, figs, honey, sweet potato, pumpkin, etcetera.

Also, try to avoid eating refined carbohydrates like bread, pasta, cakes. Especially late in the day! I definitely find it beneficial not to eat sweets after 3pm. This keeps my blood sugar really balanced. It also means it is easier to stay lean.

At lunch or dinner time is when you want to eat good fats and protein. Things like tempe, nuts, seeds, spirulina, quinoa, fish, and chia, are all really high in protein. I like to have them at lunchtime. They will also keep you satiated longer so you don’t feel as hungry. BUT you must remember that if you exercise a lot then it is natural to want to eat more often. So maybe you eat more than just three meals a day… It’s up to you. You need to feel what your body needs and wants. It’s okay to have more than three meals a day if you exercise a lot. No problem at all!

Good fats will also deeply nourish you. Eat plenty of Avocado, macadamia nuts, olive oil, and taking one krill oil supplement capsule per day is very nourishing too.

In terms of protein powers, I only recommend the vegan kind. I have done a video post about that already. So hopefully you have been checking this page regularly and you know exactly what I have to say about that. But to summarise what I said earlier, mix a level tablet spoon of rice protein powder and a teaspoon of lupine protein powder in a cup of warm water. Drink this an hour before your workout. This will give you more energy and better recovery.

In the end it is up to you to be aware and sensitive and connected to your body. Then you will have an intuitive and intimate relationship with your body – you will KNOW what it needs by feeling.


This is the kind of ongoing work I invest in the Bodhi Yoga Teacher Training Bali graduates community. I do it because I love it and I am grateful to hold space for such inspiring and wonderful people. I hope that you are interested in joining us. Please get in touch if you are keen to be connected with us.