Bodhi is a sanskrit word that means ‘Intuition’ or ‘Perfect Wisdom’.

Bodhi Yoga is all about healing. We all have our own personal history of deeply healing experiences where we felt a shift or a release of old patterns that weren’t serving us anymore. The focus of the Bodhi Yoga practice is all about connecting ourselves to that intuitive power for self healing. When we make a commitment to regularly explore that intuitive power for self healing, everything transforms. We become more loving, strong, confident, healthy, peaceful and free. 

We offer registered 200hr residential Yoga Teacher Training programs in paradise locations. They are invitations to join a deeply connected community of inspired, skilled, and dedicated yogis who practice Yoga to heal themselves, and share it to help heal their students and their communities.

You are invited to take the leap into a personal journey of yoga and healing. This is an amazing opportunity to create awareness and make new choices that open your heart. The Bodhi Yoga Teacher Training will help you find your own authentic voice and let your heart sing your deepest truth.

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