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10 Awesome Reasons Why Retreats Are Healing Musts

10 Awesome Reasons Why Retreats Are Healing Musts

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Ever reached that point when everything around you is falling apart and you need a serious break? Most of us, especially in busy cities with equally busy lives, feel that way! I hit the wall a few times a year, when I know I need to unplug completely – from my surroundings, my phone and even people around me. When we get to that point, most of us would normally say that we need a “vacation.” But is a vacation enough?

I love traveling, it is a true passion, but since I became a yoga teacher, I woke up to a great reality: vacations are not always enough! Of course, it is great fun to get away, visit terrific places around the globe, maybe even chasing the sun, but oftentimes, we select places that have so much to see and do, that by the end of the vacation, we are exhausted and need another break to recuperate from the holiday we just had! 

Yoga, meditation and other holistic healing retreats are the answer when a holiday is just not enough. There is something about retreats that is very special and can really create a platform for transformation! How, you ask? Here 10 reasons why your next holiday should be a retreat:


1. It is all about ME time

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Holidays surely mean fun, discoveries and adventures, but if you are in need to care for your wellbeing, a retreat is the only place you can get the “ME” time you deserve. The idea of a retreat is to create a safe space where you can nurture your body and soul. The atmosphere is relaxed, everything is taken care of and you really have to do nothing but enjoy the activities, surroundings, food and company (or alone time if you need that).


2. An opportunity to feel present

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Retreats are designed to offer a comprehensive escape embedding fun with relaxation. Because the activities, classes, therapies and meals are made for you, you can enjoy being present without needing to plan anything! At most, when you have free time from classes, you can decide if you wish to visit the surroundings, cities nearby or nature, all at your own pace, without any schedule or watch to adhere to.


3. Allowing a break for the digestive system

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Most retreats will offer comprehensive meals in the package and generally the idea is to have food that can boost your body’s ability to work at its best and even kick-start a little detoxification plan! You can certainly look for specific dietary requirements (like a juicing retreat) but retreats often include food that is healing and can support good digestion and even the restoration of a healthy gut!


4. Daily routines to calm the mind

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Routine in the standard sense can be quite tiring! We see getting up, going to work and going back home as routine too, but it doesn’t make us feel very well. On retreats, the routines created are for health! Routines (like yoga classes in the morning and meditation classes in the evening) can allow the body to feel in tune with the rhythm of the retreat and discover how to calm down knowing that those healing activities can impact your brain and body positively.


5. Meeting like-minded people

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On holiday, we may meet a lot of people, but oftentimes the context does not allow for deep connections. We may meet someone on the beach or at a restaurant or bar, but when we spend enough time with someone like we do on retreats, we can really enjoy discovering who they are and connecting deeply. Research shows that it takes a person an average of seven hours to start trusting another. On retreats, you will spend a lot of time with people who, like you, are there to find a way to relax, to discover their inner voice. Therefore, you can share something deeper than a drink with them, and many people return home friends from retreats!


6. Time slows down

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A fascinating thing I noticed on all my retreats was how time seemed to slow down. It is quite daunting that we spend our days rushing from one place or task to another and time flies! Retreats allow time to slow down because we are no longer chasing tasks; we are living in the present! That sort of connection allows us not to worry about our watches, but rather feel that we are enjoying what we are doing right “NOW.” It is a pretty powerful state of mind and it affects how we perceive time in every possible way!


7. Personal growth

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I have a little anecdote about a group of girls who came to my retreat to Morocco last year. When I went to pick them up at the airport, at their arrival, they seemed distressed and tired, were happy to be there but had a very chaotic energy about them! A week later, when they left from the same airport, their aura was completely transformed. I always wish I had filmed their arrival and departure to show the difference! It looked like they had blossomed and found inner peace!

Being on the retreat, eating live foods and connecting with people around them allowed a lot of fears, frustration and discomfort to leave and allowed space for growth. The retreat had some tears, moments of distress when dealing with personal issues and emotions, but the result was all worth it! This is probably the biggest difference between a vacation and a retreat and why retreats are so powerful! You go there knowing that you want to feel better and, consciously or not, are ready to deal with personal demons and open up the door that will take you to the next level.


8. Human Touch

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This one’s another personal favorite when it comes to retreats. I love the idea that someone is there 24/7 to take care of me, to nurture me, and just pamper me and assist all my needs! From yoga classes to massages or coaching sessions, retreats offer so many opportunities to feel seen and heard! Most of us need that, in a world where we seem to be part of a rushing herd and we are dying to stand out! I love feeling unique and retreats are designed to accommodate accordingly!


9. Accommodates all budgets!  

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Just like holidays, retreats also accommodate according to our budget. You can select a standard, daily yoga and accommodation retreat up to five stars experiences. You can read feedback from people and see what their experience was and normally the feedbacks are very comprehensive, giving a good idea of how the entire retreat is, from classes to hosts to food.

It is nice to know what to expect and it is nice to know you can tailor your experience so that even if your budget is not big, you can still allow your retreat to give you an amazing time. I personally prefer to save for slightly more comprehensive retreats so that everything I need is taken care of, but I love that there are choices for everyone!


10. You realize retreats are holidays

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The beauty of retreats is that they turn out to be the vacation you needed, to begin with! Although some people think all retreats are about drinking clay, keeping quiet and meditate for days, the options available allow so much choice and the opportunity to create the experience you want with so much more! Time to think, staying quiet, enjoying the surroundings and people, as well as the freedom to visit a new place, country and exploring the culture, all come with the knowledge that everything has been taken care of and you can just relax! This is what I call a vacation!


Whether you are a seasoned “retreater” or a newbie, I can ensure that you will not only love the experience but become addicted to it! Retreats have transformed the way I see holidays and although I still enjoy traveling all over, I find that the opportunity to stay in a beautiful place being looked after allows me to heal within and out, feel better about myself and gives me time to make better decisions in life too. A moment to STOP and RESET;  that is truly life changing!

Author’s bio:

Chantal Di Donato

Chantal is a Certified Holistic Health Coach, yoga teacher, author, nutrition and diet advisor with NLP, and founder of Live Lean Health and Live Lean TV. She believes medicine is on our plates and she implements both nutrition and lifestyle in her coaching practice. She works with people who seek positive change, physically, spiritually and emotionally, and other clients who want to regain their health and feel their best ever! Chantal is also a contributor at

Bodhi Yoga Teacher Training Bali Unique

At the Bodhi Yoga Teacher Training Bali unique self expression is something valuable. What makes you special is your own authentic voice and self expression. When you recognise your individuality and teach from that place then your students can feel who you are. Whereas when you try to copy someone else’s style then your students can feel that. So the question is ‘how do you get connected to your own unique self expression?’

In the Bodhi Yoga Teacher Training we teach our students three ways for you to get connected to your own unique authentic expression. These three empowering principles allow you to feel free and confident as a teacher. But when they are applied properly they can elevate the quality of your teaching in a very accelerated time frame. Some people graduate from the Bodhi Yoga Teacher Training at a level of a Yoga teacher who has been teaching for five years. And when these new graduates go out into the world and teach no one believes that they are a beginner teacher. In this blog I will briefly explain the system of ‘Authentic Self Expression’, which is one of the reasons why Bodhi Yoga Teacher Trainees graduate at such a high level.

Bodhi Yoga Teacher Training Bali Unique – 1# Personal Practice

Bodhi Yoga Teacher Training Bali Unique
Bodhi Yoga Teacher Training Bali Unique

When you teach you need to draw on the wisdom that you gain from your own personal practice. That is the first principle that we teach you in order to help create unique authentic expression in your teaching. What that means is that you notice and pay attention to what you learn and the valuable lessons you get from your personal practice. And then you share those pearls of wisdom with your students during the class. But the trick here not to sit your students down and talk about what you learnt in your practice lately. Rather you need to weave these insights into your teaching effortlessly and naturally.

Although this may sound hard, in the Bodhi Yoga Teacher Training course we show you exactly how to do that.

Bodhi Yoga Teacher Training Bali Unique – 2# Clear Intention

You want your students to come away from attending your classes feeling like they know you; they know who their teacher is. The way you do this is by you having real clarity about why you practice and teach Yoga. What is it that inspires you about practicing Yoga? What was it that first made you fall in love with Yoga practice? Everyone’s answer will be different. Everyone has their own personal journey. When you have clarity about what your personal journey is about then you can communicate it through your work as a Yoga teacher.

There is no point in being a carbon copy of someone else. Pretending to be like some other teacher is not going to fit. So discovering who you are as a Yoga teacher is an essential process of reflecting that we guide you through in the Bodhi Yoga Teacher Training. Then you are given the space to explore that when you practice teaching.

Bodhi Yoga Teacher Training Bali Unique
Bodhi Yoga Teacher Training Bali Unique

Bodhi Yoga Teacher Training Bali Unique – 3# Spontaneous Interaction

When students come to YOUR class, they have come to feel seen. They want to feel like they were held by you. Essentially what I am saying is that to be a really good Yoga teacher requires you to interact with your students spontaneously in the moment. You have to be really present with each individual student.

My teacher told me an amazing story that illustrates this point: He said there is an amazing Ayurvedic doctor in India who has hundreds of patients lining up every morning around the street. They spend hours in the sun waiting for their time with him. And when their moment comes he really looks at them and is present with them. They might only spend five minutes in consultation with him and then he passes them on to his assist with all the details of their diagnosis. But they each feel like in that five minutes that he really spent time with them and gave them his full attention. They feel deeply nourished by the experience of connection and care. That is what you have to do as a Yoga teacher! That is what we guide you to do through your journey in the Bodhi Yoga Teacher Training. We help you be the best Yoga teacher you can be by showing you that you can respond in the moment to what is happening.

Bodhi Yoga Teacher Training Bali Unique
Bodhi Yoga Teacher Training Bali Unique

You can be much more than a teacher that just sits up the front and demonstrates postures and recites a script. Those teachers who just stay in their mind and don’t really show up for their students are not offering much. Their students might as well have just stayed at home with a Yoga DVD.

Bodhi Yoga Teacher Training Bali Unique – Authentic Expression

To be the best Yoga teacher you can be you have to recognise that you have something special to offer the world. You are different. And bringing that into your teaching will open up the students who come to your classes. You will connect with them in a way that is healing. That is what we want to help you do through the Bodhi Yoga Teacher Training Bali.

Bodhi Yoga Teacher Training Bali Approachability

At the Bodhi Yoga Teacher Training Bali approachability is a key aspect of my philosophy as a teacher. Both during the course and after the course, I want students to feel they can ask for my help. I am always willing to talk one on one with my students. Even after the course is over they can contact me for advice. This is really important for me because I want to create amazing Yoga teachers, but also create a community for those amazing Yoga teachers to be supported, and for them to support and inspire each other.

Bodhi Yoga Teacher Training Bali Approachability

Bodhi Yoga Teacher Training Bali Approachability
Bodhi Yoga Teacher Training Bali Approachability

During the Bodhi Yoga Teacher Training Bali approachability is a fundamental way that I work. Because I find it is more fun and creative when students can ask questions. When good questions come up it is fun to take some time to explore that particular topic more deeply. That is challenging for me. I find to be able to respond to these quality questions requires me to really have to be on point. I need to really showing up 100% if I am going to take a moment to detour into a subject that a student brings up. It tests my ability to flow with the students in the moment. I love that kind of challenge because it makes me grow.

Although there are specific outcomes and clear structure to the Bodhi Yoga Teacher Training Bali curriculum, I don’t want to just recite each unit so that it is delivered mechanically. It is an interaction that occurs naturally. That is why I say that in the Bodhi Yoga Teacher Training Bali approachability is an ingredient that I value. I creates better Yoga teachers because the students during the course are learning not only the content of what I am teaching them, but also HOW I teach it.

Bodhi Yoga Teacher Training Bali Approachability
Bodhi Yoga Teacher Training Bali Approachability

After the Bodhi Yoga Teacher Training Bali Approachability is still key

All of the Bodhi Yoga Teacher Training Bali graduates get to join the Facebook group. And we key in touch through that and in person. I want this community to thrive and grow so I take the time to nourish it with regular love and support. I do this by using it as a portal to answer specific questions or share valuable Yoga or healing related insights and information.

For example yesterday a couple of students messaged me separately messaged me different questions. One student who graduated from the Yin Yoga Teacher Training if I could take a look at a new sequence she had written for Autumn. She wanted my advice and suggestions on it. I was happy to reply and tell her it was great but she could also make a couple of changes, and I put forward some ideas to help.

The second student wanted my advice on becoming vegetarian. Everyone who knows me is sure to tell you I am really down to earth and open when it comes to food. I simply encourage people to develop an intimate relationship with their bodies and listen to what their individual body needs. I never insist anyone follow any strict rules. That is dogma. So when students ask me for nutritional advice I always share from my personal experience and from the research I have done over many years.

So I created a video to share some of the answers to these two students questions. That way other people could enjoy the benefits of these good questions. Here is the video. I hope you also find it helpful.

“What supplements should I be taking?”

I recommend three supplements:
1. Magnesium,
2. Zinc
3. High quality Vitamin B complex.

“What is right pre and post workout?”

After exercise you MUST eat. Don’t starve yourself! After intense exercise you need to eat. And the best thing to eat after exercise is whole food carbohydrates. Good examples of whole food carbohydrates is things like dates, figs, honey, sweet potato, pumpkin, etcetera.

Also, try to avoid eating refined carbohydrates like bread, pasta, cakes. Especially late in the day! I definitely find it beneficial not to eat sweets after 3pm. This keeps my blood sugar really balanced. It also means it is easier to stay lean.

At lunch or dinner time is when you want to eat good fats and protein. Things like tempe, nuts, seeds, spirulina, quinoa, fish, and chia, are all really high in protein. I like to have them at lunchtime. They will also keep you satiated longer so you don’t feel as hungry. BUT you must remember that if you exercise a lot then it is natural to want to eat more often. So maybe you eat more than just three meals a day… It’s up to you. You need to feel what your body needs and wants. It’s okay to have more than three meals a day if you exercise a lot. No problem at all!

Good fats will also deeply nourish you. Eat plenty of Avocado, macadamia nuts, olive oil, and taking one krill oil supplement capsule per day is very nourishing too.

In terms of protein powers, I only recommend the vegan kind. I have done a video post about that already. So hopefully you have been checking this page regularly and you know exactly what I have to say about that. But to summarise what I said earlier, mix a level tablet spoon of rice protein powder and a teaspoon of lupine protein powder in a cup of warm water. Drink this an hour before your workout. This will give you more energy and better recovery.

In the end it is up to you to be aware and sensitive and connected to your body. Then you will have an intuitive and intimate relationship with your body – you will KNOW what it needs by feeling.


This is the kind of ongoing work I invest in the Bodhi Yoga Teacher Training Bali graduates community. I do it because I love it and I am grateful to hold space for such inspiring and wonderful people. I hope that you are interested in joining us. Please get in touch if you are keen to be connected with us.

Simple Healing Yin Yoga Teacher Training Bali Practice

This is a Simple Healing Yin Yoga Teacher Training Bali Practice. I like to share from my own personal experience. And the essence of my work comes back to healing. What do I mean by healing? Healing is all about letting go of things you don’t need anymore. The mind is what stores and holds on to all of these things. The mind projects these holding patterns into the body and that is why we get sick and experience pain and imbalance in our life.

Simple Healing Yin Yoga Teacher Training Bali Practice
Simple Healing Yin Yoga Teacher Training Bali Practice

Simple Healing Yin Yoga Teacher Training Bali Practice

I always tell my students, if you want to be a great teacher then be clear and simple about what you are sharing and why you are sharing it. When you communicate with clarity and simplicity people will enjoy your classes. You can help them connect with their body and their breath, and their own healing power. Healing is natural. Healing is just the natural process that happens when you are present and connected to your body and your breath and your heart. No need to complicate things. Simply give your students and opportunity to:
1. Move and hold Yoga postures.
2. Feel into their body here and now. This is called ‘awareness practice’.
3. Breathe and connect with their heart.

Then their energy will flow. The mental-emotional-energetic blocks will release and clear. That is healing! That is very powerful.

Simple Healing Yin Yoga Teacher Training Bali Practice
Simple Healing Yin Yoga Teacher Training Bali Practice

Benefits of this Simple Healing Yin Yoga Teacher Training Bali Practice

The results are very transformative. For example I have experienced:
– More energy
– Less aches and pains
– More lasting flexibility
– Calm, peace, relaxation
– Clarity of focus and attention
– Confidence and self esteem
– Overcoming addictions
– Less chance of injuries
– Better communication and listening skills
– More flow in your life, especially relationships
– Stronger immune system, less disease and sickness
– Better quality of movement – like walking, dancing, playing, martial arts.
– Attracting more opportunities to connection and share the things I am passionate about

Enjoy this Simple Healing Yin Yoga Teacher Training Bali Practice

I hope you enjoy this healing Yin Yoga practice I am sharing with you here. Please send me a message if you do. Tell me about your experience. And please share this post on Facebook.

If you are keen to learn more about this healing practice then please check out the website for details about the upcoming Yoga Teacher Trainings in Bali! I would love you to join us. Follow this link to learn more and register today:

Healing Yin Yoga Teacher Training Bali

The Healing Yin Yoga Teacher Training Bali is a powerful way to transform and connect with yourself. The last few years as a Yoga Teacher Trainer I have explored the Yoga practice primarily for one intention – that is healing. The reason I became so interested with healing is simple. I needed to heal myself. Seven years ago I was suffering with severe pain in my body! Even though I practiced Yoga regularly, I used to live with spinal pain, neck pain, pain in my left hip. I was also chronically fatigued for a while. And I used to have really poor digestion. Wanting to go deeper and learn how to heal all of this and much more was what attracted me to my healing journey.

Healing Yin Yoga Teacher Training Bali

I wanted to be healthy. Not just healthy physically, but in every way. I wanted to enjoy my life to the fullest. I wanted flow in my relationships, flow in my education and travel, and flow in my finances. But all the good food and exercise did not give me that. There was something much deeper I need to release and let go of.

Healing Yin Yoga Teacher Training Bali
Healing Yin Yoga Teacher Training Bali

Let me be completely honest, the process of healing took serval years. I had a lot to work on! But the key thing that over time allowed me to shift into health, in all aspects of life, was letting go of the mental-emotional-energetic blocks I was holding on to in my body. Yin Yoga is a very helpful tool for doing this.

First lets describe in simple words what Yin Yoga is. Yin Yoga is a style of yoga that opens up the connective tissues of the body called the fascia. The fascia is also where the acupuncture meridians are. By holding the poses passively for 2-5 minutes. We can clear and release energy blocks in the meridians. This helps to build and regulate the flow of energy (life force) in the body. Which leads to deep health and balance.

Some of the benefits of Yin yoga are:
-Calming and balancing
-Increases mobility in the body, especially the hips
-Lowering stress levels
-Relief of migraines
-Deeper Relaxation

Healing Yin Yoga Teacher Training Bali
Healing Yin Yoga Teacher Training Bali

Healing Yin Yoga Teacher Training Bali

The practice of Yin Yoga trains us in the habit of slowing down, paying attention and listening. Listening to our body, and letting go of our mind. Yin goes hand in hand with the practice of awareness, feeling deeply into the body, and helps to fine-tune the various skills that bring us back to the here and now.

In my personal experience I gained great benefits from Yin Yoga because it helped me really clear the mental-emotional-energetic blocks I was holding on to in my body. I was able to let my energy flow through my body. I got really connected to my body and my breath through integrating this into my morning routine. It created more balance and freedom throughout the day. And over time I saw the pain in my body reduce more and more. Nowadays I can happily say that I am pain free. But even more than that my life has significantly shifted in all areas.

Healing Yin Yoga Teacher Training Bali
Healing Yin Yoga Teacher Training Bali

I would explain the way that Yin Yoga helps us shift our life off the mat is all about the awareness we develop during the practice.  When we practice Yin Yoga regularly in a safe environment it can easily transfer off the mat. When we are stuck in our everyday drama (worry, rumination, frustration), we can bring the same kind of attention to the sensations in our body. In this way we become awake, and observe feelings and reactions. This awareness in our body gives us the power to choose to stay present rather than run away and fall into habits and unconscious patterns. Things can release only when we have acknowledged them and we accept them fully as they are. With that kind of quality of presence in our body and in our life things will eventually heal and life shifts into a state of flow and balance.

I invite you to practice Yin Yoga and explore your own healing journey with me in December this year. Please follow this link for more details and registration:


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