Fully Accredited Yoga Teacher Trainings

The style of Yoga you will learn in the Bodhi Yoga Teacher Training is Alignment-Based Hatha Flow. The benefit of this system of Yoga is that it gives you the best opportunity for the practice to be healing because it creates deep awareness of your body. We are not rushing from one posture to the next, instead we hold each posture for long enough to open the body up and feel. In this way the healing work we are doing in Bodhi Yoga encompasses all aspects of our being and lives. It includes healing the physical body, the energetic body, alignment with spirit/consciousness, and any aspect of our lives – including finances, career, relationships, education, health, and personal growth.

The Bodhi Yoga Teacher Training will train you become the very best Yoga Teacher you can be. In the Bodhi Yoga Teacher Training you will actually learn to teach Yoga at a very high standard. You will learn how to get your student into postures correctly, hold the postures with good alignment, and get out of each pose safely. It also gives you the skills of how to help and adjust your students in each posture. It is very common for graduates of the Bodhi Yoga Teacher Training to reach such a high level of skill and competence in their Yoga teaching that when they graduate and return home to teach their students assume that they have been teaching Yoga for years!

Most Yoga Teacher trainings are more or less just long Yoga retreats with classes on anatomy and philosophy. They don’t actually teach you how to teach properly at all. Whereas in the Bodhi Yoga Teacher Training you will graduate knowing that you are a skilled teacher who is dedicated to using the Hatha Yoga practice for healing yourself, your students, and your community.

Furthermore, it will help you find your own authentic voice as a Yoga Teacher. We are interested in bring out your own authentic expression in your teaching. Your work as a Yoga Teacher becomes very special when you are connecting with your students from the heart. You will be guided in this course to explore and discover this power within you that comes from knowing who you are as a Yoga Teacher. And in this way your work will be healing to your students, but also you. Every time you teach you will also be benefited because you share Yoga from the heart.

Finally the Bodhi Yoga Teacher Training is truly special because you will be joining a growing international community of skilled, dedicated, and inspired Bodhi Yoga Teachers who love and support each other. The friendships you make here will last you your whole lifetime.

Marcus Julian Felicetti – Founder, Director, Primary Teacher