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5 Yoga Techniques for weight loss

Using a holistic approach to weight loss will bring you lasting results. It will heal the causes of excess fat gain by balancing your metabolism and detoxing your whole body. This is a natural and most beneficial way to lose fat fast because it works with your body to regain a truly healthy balance. Start using the techniques in this ebook today and begin to see an amazing transformation that is fun and easy to maintain. Purchase this ebook and use it as your guide to enjoy the benefits of Yoga for weight loss now!

When I first started teaching Yoga I worked with many students who wanted to lose weight and feel amazing. I had one student in particular named Deborah who had been struggling with obesity her whole life. From an early age she had been trying to cut calories and been yo-yo dieting. It wasn’t until she attended one of my group Yoga classes that she felt calm, relaxed and present in her body. After class, she approached me and asked if I was able to suggest any particular Yoga poses that would help with her weight. I was inspired by her courage to ask for help. So I suggested a couple of postures that my teacher had recommended for this particular issue. The next week when I saw her in class I noticed she seemed even more connected to her body; she had a clearer presence in her body. She told me very proudly that every morning she had been practicing the postures,and that she had lost one and a half kilograms.

I was so inspired by her discipline that I offered her the opportunity to learn more by working with me as her Yoga teacher one-on-one. She decided that it was something she was committed to and it would mean a lot for her life to finally become healthy and reach her ideal shape.

We worked together in private one-on-one sessions one day a week, while continuing to attended my group class. Most importantly she put into regular practice each morning at home a 25 minute Yoga practice. Very quickly she started to see results.

From that point on Deborah continued to lose weight and free herself from excess fat, without my help. I had taught her the Yoga techniques and exercises that had given her awareness of her body, and now she lives a very healthy active life with her husband and two children.We are friends on Facebook and she often writes to me and tells me how she is still practicing the Yoga techniques I taught her.