Marcus Julian Felicetti

Marcus has been teaching Yoga for 16 years. He trained intensively first in Australia and then India. He is a Hatha Flow alignment based teacher. His Yoga practice is about healing. He does this by encouraging each student to connect their spirit and their body together. In this way you will learn to feel the energy flowing through your body and clear out any blocks.

His classes will help you cultivate your Yoga practice as a meditation by being present in your body. By bringing your awareness into each posture, into every cell, and even the subtle energetic body, then you will know harmony and peace. Over time you will know know wisdom, freedom, and authentic expression.

His experience as a senior Yoga teacher has led him to see that this practice has the power to not only transform your body, but also allow your life to shine. He loves to practice and share these wisdoms that teach us to be guided by intuition, and thereby life flows, and we share our light with the world.

Marcus has taught and lead 8 Yoga Teacher Training courses over the last 4 years. He has developed a steady, progressive and highly effective method for training teachers. He is currently offering 200hr registered courses in Bali, Costa Rica, and Sri Lanka.